About us

Paddock Paradise Europe™ is formed by a group of highly motivated individuals that specialize in the natural care and wellbeing of equines. We function as an independent unit of Jaime Jackson’s ISNHCP and AANHCP and deliver the international ISNHCP training program for Natural Hoofcare Practitioners outside the United States. As such, we offer an accredited training program.

Our mission is to enhance the humane care and management of domesticated equines using the proven principles and practices obtained from the scientific research on wild, free roaming horses of the U.S. Great Basin.

Björn Rhebergen

“At the age of six I started riding horses at a local horse facility. I was the smallest kid sitting on the largest horses, and fell off these same big horses numerous times. At home we owned a donkey and to me, as a child, she was my best friend. She was accompanied by a Shetland mare and with her I went for countless carriage rides.

This Shetland pony is still with me. Well over thirty today and in 2004 she was the motivation for my current profession. Over the past ten years I have experienced a tremendous development in the community of equines. I have learned that the simplicity of the horse and its biology is a very complex affair for many people to truly understand. But I also see that a change is coming with regard to the care and welfare of horses. I genuinely hope to be a part of that change for many years to come.”

Dario Arcamone

“Growing up in a place like Florence, Italy, I remember from my early years that there was art all around me. Carved in stone on every single corner. As well, I have memories of a horse, living in a stall, in the small streets of downtown Florence. His name was Palissandro and I was afraid of him!

I was still a child when my family moved to the countryside of Florence, a place where nature became one of the ways to investigate life. Soon after, a horse arrived. Not really something I wanted at the time, but I learned to take care of the animal. And so, my life developed mainly in these two fields: art, and later.. horses. I was trained as a sculptor in Italy, Germany and the United States where I got my master of fine arts (MFA). After which I started teaching art practices at the Sacci University in Florence.

I continued to grow in my relation with horses, and finally ended up in the barefoot experience I found in Jaime Jackson’s work. A piece of ‘natural art on hooves’ allowed me a chance to revise my perception of the equestrian culture in a more humane and complete way from a horse’s point of view.”

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