Paddock Paradise Europe offers various workshops and clinics for both professional and private horse owners. Both in The Netherlands and abroad.

In 2012, Björn Rhebergen and Dario Arcamone started to deliver the ISNHCP training programme in Europe. This training institute develops and offers training for future hoofcare professionals. Björn and Dario work as an independent unit within the ISNHCP/AANHCP and their training is accredited as such.

The ISNHCP was formed in 2009 in order to continue the work of the AANHCP – a non-profit organisation. To date, Jaime Jackson remains president and executive director of both organisations.

Courses & demonstrations

Below is an overview of our offer. Click on the course, training or demonstration for more information. No courses in your neighborhood? No problem, contact us to organize it in a location of your choice!

Natural Hoof Care Training Programme

The Natural Hoof Care Training is an international program with both theoretical and practical modules. More information…

The Natural Trim (1 day)

Discover the Natural Trim during this course through the necessary theory, demonstrations and practical exercises. More information…

The natural trim (2 days)

This two-day, intensive course introduces you to all facets of Natural Hoofcare. More information…

Demonstrations and Presentations

During a morning or afternoon, you will be offered a lot of information that will help you differentiate the different ‘trends’ in hoofcare today. More information…

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