Natural Hoof Care Training Programme

We offer an international programme with both theoretical and practical modules. The theoretical part (Module I) can be taken both online and independently. The practical module (Module II) is delivered on different locations worldwide.

After finishing Module II all students must go through a series of mentorships. Upon successful completion of these mentorships students are allowed to conduct their first of two series of exams and start their (nine month period) case studies on multiple horses. After successful review of these case studies the Student Practitioner can register for his or her theoretical and practical final exams and obtain Certified Practitioner status.

The duration of the training is not set and will differ from one student to the next. However, all students are bound by specific time frames in which the different stages of the programme should be completed. No more than 90 days should pass between the various practical modules without consulting with your primary instructors first. This is to ensure our students maintain progress and not fall behind.

Did you know that the majority of our students are women? In no way is our programme only suitable for men!

A Training Programme for whom?

For everyone with a reasonable command of the English language. Participants are physically fit, or willing to put in the time and effort to obtain the required fitness with us. First and foremost, our participants are highly  motivated to positively contribute to the lives of domesticated equines and are willing to carefully study the lessons provided on the natural state of the horse.

Our training programme consists of all the information you need to successfully apply Natural Horse Care to all horses of all breeds. Our training programme is delivered in various countries around the world and our students are an international mix of like-minded horse people.

Do you want to work with horses in the most natural of ways? Then don’t wait. Sign up today and let the lessons of the wild amaze you!

Your Instructors

Several instructors within the ISNHCP teach the principles and practices of NHC to a number of international students. We have differentiated our instructors into two groups, the Field Instructors and Training Program Clinicians. The latter of the two offer both training in class, and field instruction during mentorships.

All instructors write reports regarding the progress of their students. After collective review, these reports and the outcome of each exam is centrally archived in The Netherlands and the United States.

The practical module of our training programme is taught in Europe by Björn Rhebergen and Dario Arcamone. Two experienced instructors that bring nearly twenty years of experience of Natural Hoof Care to the table.

How much does it cost and how do I register?

Depending on where you go through training with the ISNHCP, the tuition cost may vary slightly. This page explains the tuition fees for Module 2, the mentorships and exams delivered by Paddock Paradise Europe.

For more information about the structure and tuition fees of the ISNHCP Training Programme, we would like to direct you to the ISNHCP webpage.

Should you decide to attend Module 2 at one of the Paddock Paradise Europe training locations, a minimum of 4 mentorships with Björn Rhebergen will be mandatory. For all other mentorships you can schedule with the available Field Instructors in Europe and the United States.

Tuition fees per January 1st 2017

Module 2, practical Module: € 1950,00
Mentorships: € 200,00 per mentorship
(Final) Field Exam: € 250,00 each

Depending on where students conduct their training, VAT might be charged in addition to the tuition fee.

For example:

  • Italian instructor teaching in The Netherlands = 0% VAT
  • Dutch instructor teaching in The Netherlands + 21% VAT

Please check with your designated instructor what value added tax applies to your situation.


Your application does not automatically mean you have been admitted into the programme. After reviewing your registration, the ISNHCP will formally inform you about your possible participation in the programme within a week.

ISNHCP Trainingdates Practical Modules 2017/18

Modules delivered by Paddock Paradise Europe:

Florence, Italy: May 2 – 9, 2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates: to be determined.