The Natural Trim (2 days)

During this intensive two day workshop you will explore all facets of Natural Hoof Care and the Natural Trim by Jaime Jackson. Using the wild horse model, you will  learn to measure and trim hooves step by step.

The morning of the first day will be spent discussing the principles of Natural Hoof Care. The afternoon and second day will focus entirely on practical training and answering as many questions as possible. Of course, we will also look at a hoof from the inside.

For those of you thinking of trimming their horses themselves, please allow safety to be your number one priority and consider private lessons with your clinician and ISNHCP instructor Björn Rhebergen.

Price – € 260,- (max. 8 participants)
Duration – 2 days

Coffee, tea and lunch are included and provided by us.
Check out our calendar for scheduled workshops.

Prices may vary when this course is delivered outside The Netherlands, please contact us directly if you want to host one of our workshops or when a workshop is not available in your area.