Recipe for healing

  1. Foundered pony in serious pain and distress
  2. More natural diet! Free choice grass hay, water, salt- and mineral block, remove all man made crap!
  3. Prepare owner for emotional rollercoaster. Aka: two steps forward, two steps back whilest pony heals!
  4. Reduce and remove painkillers asap!
  5. Apply Natural Trim to pony! Well.. that is if someone didn’t beat you to it with an electric grinder….


Okay, so we don’t remove what needs removing naturally! Instead we allow to grow what isn’t there due to human meddling. (aka ‘electric grinder trim’!)


Healing takes place naturally. Allow this healing to take place, ignore all pathology (and I mean all!) and the future will look bright again for this pony.

Spaarndam, near Amsterdam.